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we offer a plant and labour service


civil engineering • groundwork • infRastructure • agriculturaL • Equestrian



Gilbert O’Neill is a family run construction business operating in and around the midlands. Leading the way in the construction industry. We here at Gilbert O’Neill have a strong focus at promoting a high standard and quality service through out our company working with reputable house builders and commercial developers with over 25 years experience promoting an ever growing health and safety culture across our sites and projects. The infrastructure at Gilbert O’Neill has always been our workforce and staff who have played a mammoth part in who we are today, exhibiting that extra finesse and excellence with every thing we do with all works we carry out.

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Our team here at Gilbert O’Neill have all come from managerial back grounds working with some of the UK's leading construction firms giving us as strong advantage in construction management. It is crucial that your project has the industries expertise and core values in place when it comes to your next venture, giving you peace of mind and full customer support. Time frame and budget is important and must be feasible to achieve, we take all this on board when tendering for our projects and engaging with our clients to extract exactly what they want giving great level of assurance. We look forward in expanding our customer growth and long-term clients relations in the near future.


Health and safety

Health and safety here at Gilbert O’Neill is fully prioritised throughout our company with our safety lead management team implementing all safe systems of work maximising our high standard of health and safety culture. All our operatives and employees are fully trained and qualified with governed certified qualifications prioritising our on-site safety values.

We are continuously following and improving new government legislation keeping our people safe and risk-free. Our workforce and operatives carry out their on-site duties with all the latest ranges of PPE and suitable equipment giving them more of a confident and safe approach to the works they are allocated.

All workers and operatives are site inducted and safety briefed of all work related tasks and will carry a minimum qualification of a CSCS labourers card. All COSHH assessments and safety inspections are in place prior to any works being carried out on site.

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We are fully of aware of the environmental impacts, safety risks and long term damage that can occur without these vital measures in place, all site supervisors and management personnel will carry a SMSTS qualification card and are fully trained in first aid situations.

We are constantly improving our health and safety awareness throughout our sites and will always be committed to safety and well being of all our workforce, contractors and clients.

Systematically all of our plant and equipment is serviced and daily checks are company policy, we work with some of the UK's leading plant and equipment hire companies, giving us a broad choice of plant and machinery so if we, ourselves, can not provide it we can surely hire it. 

Plant and construction safety advisors are always to hand across our sites assessing, implementing and controlling all work related objectives.


Civil engineering is known to be the infrastructure of all construction projects across-the-board whether it be design, build or maintain we operate in all aspects of civil engineering including roads railways schools residential housing and offices with our reputable knowledge in both the public and private sector we here at Gilbert O’Neill offer pioneering new ways in promoting economic growth first class service and clients lesion, modelling major structures using computer software and data from surveys, tests and plans to help minimise environmental impacts and risks. Civil engineering connects the worlds around us helping our towns and cities work. It is important to us to execute our engineering services to the very best of our ability covering all different geographies across our districts. 


Sewerage systems                      


Structural strengthening

Attenuation ponds

Gabian basket details

Retaining walls



Sectors we cover



 Offices / Commercial

Care homes

Leisure centres

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Our ground works team here at Gilbert O’Neill are fully equipped and capable of carrying out large-scale ground works projects across the construction sector. We take on board not only what works we do but how the works are done coming together with first class team leading expert ties and project management maximising production delivery at the same time prioritising our safety values as we move forward with each project, we have a broad knowledge with all aspects of ground works with our competent, skilled workers and operatives offering quality assurance and 100% satisfaction with all works we carry out. We take our work extremely professional which in turn embodies our ambition in what we do. 

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We have immense experience in all different types of footings whether it be strip footings, raft or basement footings, we have our in-house Ice engineers on board who work from all CAD drawing and datum pegs setting out our foot print plans so work can proceed. Excavating footings plays a diverse part in assessing all subsoil prior to any concrete fill as unequal settlement is very common, when excavating Footings it’s important to have on site competent workers who know

exactly what they are looking for. We have extensive experience when it comes to all aspects of footings and foundation systems keeping our knowledge in date to recognise ever-changing building regulations.

We work close with our in house architectural consultants and planning advisors throughout our projects. Our on-site teams are experienced with all applications of reinforced cages, Reber strengthening and load-bearing calculations

that keep our footings and foundations to there strongest capabilities. 



Take a look in our gallery at some of the deep drainage tasks 

we carry out on a daily basis also the services we can offer in all fields of drainage systems our foal and service water play a major part in all construction projects around the world, connecting and keeping our homes and businesses flowing, by diverting, containing and controlling, foul and storm have to then be  segregated for contamination reasons throughout its cycle journey, it would later then be screened at waste treatment plants, we carry out all deep drainage work to achieve this absolute crucial process at a high level of professionalism.

Our deep drainage teams have countless years of experience in this field and we are continuing to meet our clients and customers great expectations and also fulfilling customer demand.


Residential and commercial deep drainage installations 

Pipe laying services 

Box culvet services 

Septic tanks 

Mains sewer connections 

Header wall installations 

Lateral connections 

Attenuation ponds/ Swales

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& equestrian

We here at Gilbert O’Neill offer an elite service when it comes to our equestrian and agricultural requirements with being in both of the industries ourselves with long life commitments coming from a firm standing carriage driving family. We here know that quality delivery and first class service is the only option.

We have amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience in this personal division of hours engaging with our clients to discuss their dream project and proposed agricultural facilities introducing a new approach with economical and environmental friendly developments that will have minimum impact on our beautiful countryside and natural beauty areas at the same time working together with the local planning authorities keeping the project process running smoothly. We cover all aspects of how agricultural and equine services working with our architectural consultants and engineers to achieve your desired plans. We understand fully that each and every project has different specifications and regulations, this is where our project management services are utilised giving full customer support throughout your venture.

We can provide the following services-



Cattle/livestock sheds

Slurry lagoons

Crop storage facilities

Live stock handling systems

Tractor shelters

Civil engineering

Land drains

Ponds/ditch clearance

Roundhouse weather shelters 


Indoor/outdoor manarges 

American-style barns 


Equine swimming pools

Gallop trails

Horse walkers



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plant & labour Service

Our company is flexible in working with our clients and developers offering them multiple-choices in how they require the proposed project to be overseen. We offer a Plant and labour service this gives Gilbert O’Neill responsibility with only supplying our plant, equipment and workforce. This is cost-effective for the client and is becoming more of a popular option throughout the construction industry we as a company would still enforce all health and safety procedures keeping our clients and employees safe and company policies in place.


We take on full control of the proposed projects overseeing the construction phase from project planning, project management, monitoring and all health and safety responsibility would fall to us to complete the project in summary.

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Years of Experience


Projects Completed


Professional Employees


Satisfied Clients


l. j. Gilbert

Director, Gilbert O'Neill Construction


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction


Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Construction

Civil Engineering

Landscape Construction

Our Projects


All our plant operators are CPCS approved card holders.


We are safety trained and passport to carry out intended works on power stations substations CCNSG.


We are management trained with governed qualifications SMSTS.


Senior construction management qualifications NVQL7.

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